I've worked with this company for over a year and I've worked my *** off to the core, making over $1500 a week, and am about to open my own office. It has been the best experience of my life.

Sure, Ive seen A TON of people come and go but its just to *** out the people who arent willing to put in the work it takes to be successful, which is a good thing. NOT A SCAM, just difficult and can push you to the limits but a great learning experience and best thing that's ever happened to me!!

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Sorry hun, but anyone who has worked for Cydcor, knows someone who has worked for Cydcor or read one of the infinite number of reports online, knows you are full of doo doo. Did your manager pressure you to write this?


70% of Americans live check by check. Now, does that mean majority of individuals are right and know how to strategize and plan accordingly, no. -EM


Thanks for your company prepared report. Too bad it's not enough to balance out the thousands of negative reviews claiming that DS-MAX sorry Cydcor is a scam.

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