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This company is a scam! I know you have probably seen it by noe but do not make the same mistake i made!

They coerce you into thinking you can make it to owning your own branch when in reality it is a lot harder than they let on! They have this cult mindset and wanted me to push my family and friends out because they were suspicious of everything! They even tried to get me to call off the wedding with my fiance because she didnt work there! It was a very bad set up!

I worked there for 4 weeks as an eager young mind in debt looking to make it big before i realized what exactly was going on with that company! They were lying and manipulating people like myself into believing they were the answer, when in fact they only hurt you! In my 4 weeks with them i never once saw a paycheck! Sure they promised that i would see one every week but i never recieved one for the 4 weeks of work i did.

It was easy to sell and i excelled at it! But i never once recieved a check from them!

This company is no company it is a cult! If you value family and friends like i do then you will not want to do this!

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i worked for Cydcor for 3 1/2 months. great learning, hard work.

got out and now i use some of the skills they taught me to make $5-10k month selling on my own terms. its a good BOOTCAMP for sales experience, so you can know you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

when its time to move to higher places its time to move forward to something better.

-Jp, fort worth tx

hey is there a forum or place i can meet up with other cydcor veterans and show them what i'm into to see if its right for them?

to Anonymous #1380749

There sure is! Just go to your local homeless shelter.


It seems like you're what you claim cydcor is

I've been working there for two months and I've made over $4000

They tell you during your interview that's it's strictly commission based and also performance based. So if you didn't get paid it's simply because you weren't making sales, so why don't you go on to a minimum wage job rather than ruin opportunities for others that are trying to grow

to Anonymous #1355538

Comprehension is vital when you read and then respond to a posting. The OP clearly states that sales were easy and he excelled.

Now think hard (but don't strain your brain), what does that tell you? It should tell you that this person MADE LOTS OF SALES but he was not paid! Why are you suggesting he work a minimum wage job? Is it because minimum wage jobs and door to door sales are all YOU are capable of?

Lol, we aren't all so as unfortunate as you, dear.

By the way, you may have made 4k in sales in two months, but how much of that amount ended up as commissions in your pocket? BE HONEST!

to Anonymous #1366029

$4,000 in two months is awesome . .

.. compared to my experience LOLOL. 'it's rough out there'. i hit 3rd place in the southwest region 3 weeks out of 14 i was there.

and half the time i was at least in the top 10. i only took home an average of probably $200-400 per week to live my life off of when i was there. Cydcor is awesome for BOOTCAMP in sales. don't stay there though.

i took my skills and applied them to selling Directv and Dish Network door to door in a certain easy way where i'm in a warm market and sales come so easily and frequently i make $5-10k month average only working 20-30 hrs. i'm taking an easy week off right now (8 days). i own a LEXUS HYBRID, i have plenty of time to enjoy my life. i even took a 28 day vacation to HAWAII last year.

all because i learned how to sell when i was at Cydcor, and then was smart enough to leave and make a ton more money.

anyone that has worked for Cydcor is family to me! YOU know we have something special in common.

call me up I LOVE YOU GUYS, i'll show you what i do and see if its right for you too. 817-938-4217

to Anonymous #1380751

You posted your phone # on an international public website. Gee, aren't you smart.

to Anonymous #1405972

People who brag about material possessions are usually the ones with nothing.

to Anonymous #1359207

If you worked 6 days a week you only made around 10 dollars before taxes. That's godawful.

to Anonymous #1366031

LOLOL, had that moment, i got a check for $36 something one time, and my manager (who was a really good guy though) looked at me and said his lowest check was for only $8 and some change one time. I worked hard and made my way back up to the top 10. and I was smart enough to leave Cydcor and make a TON more money applying my skills to working alone rather than my manager getting money off of me.



This site goes into great detail explaining how these office work.

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