Bingham Farms, Michigan

I am a recent victim of a Cydcor office in Michigan. I worked in Bingham Farms with a ATT Uverse office.

I never was paid correctly, I was forced to go door to door, I was never offered a base or benefits and the managers lied to my face every day.

They state they DON"T do door to door but they DO!

They scam customers with Direct Energy and Att Uverse.

They make you pitch in negative weather and rain and heat.

They never reimburse you for anything. (Gas, food, etc..)

Stay away from:

Nars Group

Fiducia Marketing

Turner Enterprise

Hill INc


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Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #848063

Stay away from Skyline Ohio as well. Located in Cincinnati, it is another pyramid scheme.


FIDUCIA Marketing on Big Beaver is the double scam, Direct Energy and Cydcor company.


Huntington Woods, Michigan, United States #796939



Rebby Sutherland:

• Has paid for 2 abortions in her offices (Could be more now)

• Slept with Jimmy Rothermel, Ken Lear, Ed Cunliffe, over 10 of her own employees, etc…

• Cydcor had to pay her bills, help her out because she couldn’t cut it in NYC

• Told everyone that Kirk Bevington is an alcoholic.

• Cocaine addicted

• Jeremy Roubelet (Minnesota kid) won consistency manager of the year in 2012??? He had to get a loan from John Wiggins. Does this sound fair???

• Europe?? WHEN THE *** are they going to Europe?? Also, they already HAVE b2b offices there.

• When I started, Cydcor had under 300 offices. Its 2013, they still have under 300 offices. Is there any more growth??

• “Get to 100 offices” – who has over 100?? John and Brandie. WOW, impressive. 100% not impressive.

• The $3 million pot - the purpose is to keep offices around for a big pay day. It’s to help offices stay open since Cydcor isn’t growing

• Cydcor – Canada. You guys get the shaft and it’s not fair. Jim Majeski was asked “why doesn’t Canada Promoting Owner get a car” Jims response: if they were relevant they could

• Jim and Gary were never in the field, never knew how important this way. They look at it as a business and people like stock. They don’t care about you and anyone besides their profit. If they did, owners and reps would make more.

• Retail will never work, Smart Circle will always be #1 in this space and Cydcor is wasting their time. Why are you still doing this???

• Where are the clients??? They have had the same clients for 7, 8, 9, 10 years……

• How many more owners can you CRAM in a small market due to lack of clients and lack of larger cities?

• Why are clients using the smaller vendors and why is Cydcor losing market share?? Because Cydcor isn’t the best anymore and Cydcor has bullied people around for too long.

• I have seen vendors open countries with a flick of a wrist, why hasn’t Cydcor?? No money?? No Clients?? No confidence?? No game?? Scared??

• Why does Jaime Hepp have MORE MONEY than any consultant??

Sexual misconduct:

• Brandie and John Wiggins slept together back in the day (obviously)

• Jim and Vera have had a divorce

• Shaine Thurman cheated on his wife in Vegas

• Ed Cunliffe cheated on his wife Vegas (massage parlor)

• Pedro Segura cheated on his wife with one of my old owners

• Wiggins, too many to list


beware also of Raseri, Inc. in the Toledo, Ohio area.

they are also a Cydcor company. their job postings never say anything about door-to-door marketing or even the word "sales." you don't find out it's sales until the first day.

Livonia, Michigan, United States #685123

I would of assumed a company would be honest. They said base +, lie.

They never said door to door, lie.

I have nothing wrong with it but don't lie to lure people into your company. That is all


Who forced you to work door to door? Who forced you to take a position?

What kind of person looking to be involved in business does not research the company before hand?

Negative weather? Would you rather everyone stayed home when it rained?...It would be a strange world if that were the case.

It sounds like you picked to work for a company whose business model wasn't exactly what you were looking for.

to Anonymous Iowa, Louisiana, United States #726339

Or we were told one thing and got another. Shut up anonymous loser

Dont stick up for a scam

to The Truth Farmington Hills, Michigan, United States #745835

cydcor is a pyramid scheme that goes by many names. they lie about base pay, insurance, hours, and anything they can to get you in the door.

the training is unpaid and you even have to buy your own lunch on the interview. you spend your own money on their business expenses. what fortune 500 country can't afford to pay job related expenses to their employees? and the worst thing is that is their pimp.

if you ever receive a reply from an ambiguous company offering an executive or management title without experience, you should Google the name with cydcor and find out what your getting yourself into. if you already have been used by this scam artist like I have then at least you can use them to pad your resume with a management title and hopefully the next job you inter view with hasn't heard of them.

chances are they haven't because 90% of their ambiguously named icl's go out of business in the first year. BEWARE!

to Anonymous Farmington Hills, Michigan, United States #745837

JPMDrive and NARS Group in Farmington Hills Michigan are Cydcor.

to Anonymous Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #848526

Southside Consulting Group in Raleigh

to Anonymous Chandler, Arizona, United States #848224

Told one thing, but it turned out to be totally different. I was guaranteed a base-salary with perks...

two weeks later, 12 hour days, a broken ankle, and a mental breakdown later...

I had a $20 paycheck. This was the OPPOSITE of what I was "guaranteed".

to Anonymous #848230

I think you missed the point: that the job ads are deliberately misleading and the websites are deliberately vague. People who go to these interviews for these loser D2D, 100% commission opportunities, are deliberately lied to, so they end up giving it a try.

Belatedly, they find out what a waste of time and money it was. Then, when they try to post about it to warn others, they have losers like you defending these shady companies.

to Anonymous #881726

I have a better question: what kind of company, that claims to be legitimate, posts fake job ads full of blatant, outright lies? Can you answer that loser?

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