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I'm going to begin this review by saying in no way shape or form am I disparaging my former manager, and coworkers, they were all good people, and quite a few of them have become some of my best friends.The people you meet at a cydcor office will be the only positive aspect of working here, and I sincerely mean that.

I'm only here to let everyone know of the dangerous, vampiric company that is cydcor. But unfortunately here in lies the first tactic Cydcor uses to brainwash someone into staying. By spending 6 days a week in one place, and if you genuinely enjoy working with the people there, it will force you to stay. After a while you will want to leave but it will way on your conscience to leave because you don't want to let your friends down.

But this is easy enough, if theyre real friends they won't be mad your leaving at all, cydcor just wants you to believe that you are a quitter, something is wrong with you. By forcing you to work six days a week cydcor alienates you from your friends and family, and some managers will go so far to tell you that anyone who doesn't support you, should be cut from your life. And some of the adamant koolaide drinkers will actually do that, which baffles me entirely. What cydcor doesn't tell you is that they don't care about you or your family, only the money you bring in, and in order to do that you need to be there 6 days a week, (about 50-60 hours).

Now this isn't a new development, but yes it is 100% commission. And despite popular belief, I have seen people, myself included, excel at this. Because despite all the other *** they spew out of their mouths, if you work hard you can make 2-3 sales a day. It's actually not hard at all, as long as you work hard.

But it is my sincere belief that this will never bring anybody the financial freedom that is constantly being oozed out of the mouths of every consultant and promoting owner in the business. It's actually quite the contrary, they're not giving you financial freedom, they're forcing financial dependence on you. Need money for gas? Better make another sale.

Need health insurance? Sorry, even though we make more than enough off of you, that's gotta come out of your pocket. Want to go to the National Conference/gathering of the cult? Come on down but you have to buy the plane ticket and pay for the room, and if you don't come you'll be scolded for it.

They want you to pay for everything so that it motivates you to make more sales, but all it's doing is pushing you closer and closer to financial destitution. One thing I will say about cydcor is it is not a pyramid scheme. At no point do you have to "but in" and at no point does a percentage of your commission go to anybody else. That money, how ever much or little it is, is always yours.

There is no scheme, all of the managers and consultants started in the field and I personally watched a coworker go from a new hire to manager. It is possible to do, but the question arises, do you want to? The answer is confidently no you do not. Despite cydcor making millions off of your little company a year, they will only provide you with a little financial help.

The money you make is not your's, it's the business's. Even your company is not yours, you don't even have power of attorney over the company. But you keep pumping your own money into it because you want to be like the consultants. So, It's not a pyramid it's a cult.

The consultants all seem like stand up people, they smile, they spend time with the commoners, they go out and drink with you at national conferences. But they're all actually pretty sad specimens of human life. I remember at a conference one of them said that another consultant was the godmother to her daughter. While a resounding aww rang out through the conference hall, I became disgusted and thought that was pretty pathetic.

What all these other mouth breathers failed to realize was that she was the godmother of her child because she's probably lost contact with her closest friends and family members because of this job. It's a pretty sad reality when the person you want to take care of your a child is a person you've known for 5-10 years and see on occasion 4-5 times a year.

The point I'm trying to make here is they're trying to tell you they're your family now, they're your friends, you don't need anybody else.Just work your life into the dirt, break up with your girlfriends, boyfriends, skip weddings and holidays, and dive on in headfirst to the most dangerous business cult you'll ever find.

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Boston, Massachusetts, United States #1249445

When you are a 1099 independent contractor, a company cannot dictate your work schedule.They cannot classify you as a contractor so they avoid paying hourly, OT and benefits, but treat you as a W2 employee.

The IRS and your state's Department of Revenue needs to know about this.The Labor Board will force them to backpay and hourly wage plus OT.

to Anonymous Brooklyn, New York, United States #1250580

Unfortunately it's not a 1099 position

to Anonymous Boston, Massachusetts, United States #1250717

If you were working for 100 percent commission, which you stated you were, then you were a 1099 contractor.If they classified you as a W2 employee and were not paying you an hourly wage, then they are in violation of the law!

By FEDERAL law, a W2 employee MUST be paid at least the minimum wage. They can earn commission in addition to that, but they must be paid hourly as well.

Do you follow what I am saying?They can't say you are an employee just so they can control your hours but then only pay you commission.

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #1253337

It's a w4 position

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