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Think of Cydcor like Ford, and the business you apply to as a dealership. For example If you apply to Axis Or Prominent Buisness Solutions for example that's just like Bobs Fords. Some places are good some are bad. Cydcor is a company that offers services to Fortune 500 company for example DirecTV or AT&T etc. When you get hired by the company you work for whoever hired you, NOT Cydcor. Not everything is door to door, you could be in Walmart or any retail location, it depends on what company you work with as well as the product. and you sell... Read more

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Man reading that post brought back some memories. Yes I had that clown Jaime Hepp as my manager. He tried the same scare tactics with our group and it was just comical. In fact there were 6 of us that all quit on the same day. It was a revolution!! I laugh now because when I look back on it all, it was one of the best training jobs I have ever had. NO BS. Taught me how to sell. I now run my own company, do well and tell people it was the worst and best job I ever had. Yes, I was duped as a young eager kid but at the end of the day it... Read more

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I work at a cydcor office for over a year and actually made it to ownership where I ran an office for a while. There are some offices that are better than others. But there is no guarantee that you will ever be promoted to ownership I think it's about one in ten thousand of the people that hire that make it. And the problem I ran into once I made it to ownership is that they didn't have enough new campaigns available. so I was stuck in limbo land. One of those things that waa great for 6 months and I learned a lot but not the long term career... Read more

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Creepiest thing I've experienced in my 22 year life. Loss of nearly $300 for new slacks, shoes, and gas money to get to the two interviews and my first day of work once I was hired. I knew this was a door to door sales job, I was ready to work hard for little pay, but too much wasn’t right with the company. Elaborations below, this sort of stuff isn't for the faint of heart…… RED FLAG 1. The "CEO" of the "office" seemed like a sort of social shark, I don't know how else to put it... very Woody Harrelson-ish, with expensive 3 piece suits and a... Read more

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Cult like following and preys on the weak. Andrew bruinneger has a new office in Chicago and changed his name to andrew james. His hr girl shortened her name from regina bourcier to gina. Highly illegal and unethical Read more

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I live in charleston South Carolina and there is a "new and upcoming" marketing firm named Echo Solutions. Exact same everything that everyone has mentioned. Same hiring strategy, door to door selling AT&T U-verse. Went for my second interview today and got in some guys car and started going door to door. (Was nervous because I am a woman) He stopped at a gas station to change out of his suit into shorts while I was trucking around in heels and skirt with a blouse. He did exactly what these other "managers" did. He even told me they had... Read more

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Cydcor offices are great IF you're the kind of person who really thrives on competition and recognition. If you've ever been on a sports team and you were captain or helped your team win a championship and the win was more important than all the sh*t you had to go through to get there. If you're just looking for a job, it's not for you; unless you could use a good year of sales, sales training, and recruiting for your resume. Like anywhere else, there are good managers and bad managers. You might have a bad experience interviewing or working... Read more

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Avoid 3d Marketing Concepts in Schaumburg, IL. Its door to door sales selling At&T U-Verse. You literally have to work six days a week, ten hours a day!! (10AM to 8PM). You only get paid $800-$1000 a week ONLY if you make ten sales or more that week. Its 100% commission based. No hourly pay. If you don't make your quota then you lose $100 per lost sale basically. So if you do 9 sales you only get $700 for the week. 8 sales = $600. 7 sales = $500. You get the idea. You can get extra bonuses such as paid weekly vacations and $100 gift cards,... Read more

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  • Aug 08, 2015
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I work there its a great opportunity but its hard too change. My first payday was yesterday but still no checks. Add comment

I'm new at this company. The promotions seem to be flying. So I came here to see if it was a scam. But everyone is saying "don't go here, they keep you forever in one position" but I've worked with them for two weeks. I've been promoted twice and they schedule you to be promoted out in a year and open your own office. I'm even bad at sales. But I get there on time, I work late, I write down everything they teach me and I study it. Each person that the owner promotes out (as in managing your own office) they get 4000 extra a month. So if you... Read more

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